Kerala Tourist Attractions

Kerala Tourist AttractionsThe tourist attractions in Kerala are of diverse kinds but the one common thread running through them is the mystical aura of pristine beauty and awe. Akin to rare precious gems that one comes across by chance even Kerala boasts a splendor that seems hidden in every nook and corner of this fascinating state. Whether it is about the glorious beaches in Kerala, magical backwaters cruises, visiting vibrant temple festivals, feeling the freshness of the mountain air or enjoying a jungle safari – the tourist attractions of Kerala have something for everyone.

Beaches in Kerala:

Spread along an expansive coastline of 900 km, Kerala’s long shoreline is known for its diverse array of palm fringed, sun-kissed beautiful beaches, lagoons and natural harbors. Some of the most popular beaches include:


Comprising of three extremely beautiful crescent beaches, Kovalam does attract tourists from all over the world in large numbers. The southernmost beach called the ‘Light House’ Beach is the largest and the most popular beach.


This is one of the trendiest hotspot that boasts miles of gorgeous palm-fringed golden beaches and backwaters. With the sea situated on the western side and the backwaters on the east, this place does have a unique charm that is rare to find anywhere else in the state.

Backwaters in Kerala:

Thousands of tourists throng to Kerala to discover the fascinating backwaters, one of the attractions of Kerala, which is undoubtedly unique to this state and cannot be found anywhere else in the country. The Kerala backwaters are complex network of lakes and lagoons that are situated parallel to the shimmering coastline of the Arabian Sea. One of the largest stretches of backwater can be found in Vembanad Lake that passes through three districts before it joins the Arabian Sea at the Cochin Port. The Allappuzha district is particularly known for its backwaters, which is home to the Kuttanad Village also known as the rice bowl of Kerala. You can explore the backwaters through a houseboat, which is locally known as kettuvallams.

Wildlife in Kerala:

The state, which is often referred to as ‘God’s Own Country’ is also home to a large number of wildlife sanctuaries, national parks, bird sanctuaries and tiger reserves. Periyar National Park and Tiger Reserve: This is one of the most well- known wildlife sanctuaries in India that has an extremely pretty lake at its center. One of the best ways to explore this sanctuary is through a boat cruise on the lake that even gives you a chance to view the animals from close quarters. Some of the popular animal species found in this reserve include Asian elephants, tigers, bison, wild boar, leopard, spotted deer, sambar etc.

Chinar Wildlife Sanctuary:

Situated in the Western Ghats of Kerala, this particular sanctuary is home to diverse and unique flora and fauna. The Chinar river and Pambar river run through this sanctuary and the Thoovanam water falls hidden near the Pambar river is an enchanting site that offers a breathtaking view to the tourists. This reserve is home to a large number of animals including gaur, sambhar, elephants, leopards, panthers, sloth bear, rabbits and star tortoise.

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